VHS to DVD Transfers

Some of our longer term members are providing video tapes (remember them?!) of shows going back to the early 1990's. We are currently having these converted to DVD by a local company so that we can produce copies for members.

These will be presented in a case, with a cover at a small cost for this and the initial outlay. For members that would would want many for their collection, the more you buy, the cheaper they get! Therefore you can also order from the 'Currently being converted' list and we will deliver them when ready.

It important to note, the quality of DVD’s only as good as the VHS provided, but despite dating back over 20 years they came out very well! Big thanks to Tom at SummerIsle Studios http://www.summerislestudios.co.uk/

Our latest shows are straight to DVD


1x VHS to DVD = £5

5x VHS to DVD = £4 each

10x VHS to DVD = £3 each

20x VHS to DVD = £2.50 each

* If you have any shows on video that do not appear in our library please let us know!

DVD Library (All £10 - This is what they cost us, no profit is made):

Hi-De-Hi 2014 (coming very soon!) - 2014

Goldilocks & the 3 Bears - 2014

'Allo 'Allo! - 2013

Beauty & The Beast - 2013


 VHS to DVD Library:


Bouncers – 2006

Peter Pan – The Musical – 2006

The Magical Land of Zog - 2005

Party Piece - 2002

The Papertown Paperchase - 2002

Humpty Dumpty – 2000

Old Mother Hubbard - 2000

Malice In Wonderland - 1999

Steel Magnolias – 1999

Babes in the Magic Wood - 1998

Mother Goose - 1997

Little Jack Horner - 1996

Jack the Ripper – 1996

Aladdin - 1994

Sing a Song of Sixpence - 1993

Seasons Greetings – 1993

Jack & the Beanstalk - 1992

Spring Extrvaganza – 1992

Hearts & Diamonds - 1991

Cuckoo - ?

A Bedroom Farce - ?

Currently being converted/Coming Soon:

Zog 2 – 2007



Not Available:

Pinnocchio – 2012 (Not completed by film maker)

Dr Jekyll & Miss Hyde – 2011 (Not completed by film maker)

Red Riding Hood – 2010 (Permission not given by film maker)*

Snow White – 2009 (Permission not given by film maker)*

Dick Turpin – 2008 (Permission not given by film maker)*


*(please note no sales have been made by Debenham Players for the above 3 shows, there has been no demand)


Number of DVD or VHS to DVD Required
Please state title required

Number of VHS to DVD's Required
Please state title(s) required

Checkout: Please select the number of VHS to DVD's required, then state title(s) you would like. If you require a different quantity, for example 3, chose 1x VHS to DVD and change the quantity to 3. If you want multple DVD's at £10 choose 1x DVD and change the quantity. Any queries please contact treasurer@debenham-players.co.uk

Additional Costs: There is a £1 charge for 1x DVD, then £2.50 (per order) for 5 or more (this will go towards PayPal fees, postage & packaging), if you live locally you may even get a personal delivery!


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